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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ayudya Lulur Pengantin

Scrub can be really expensive if u go for the branded one. the best scrub that i had tried was from indonesia that i bought while i was in bogor. the smell and texture were heaven. and it lasted for about one year, even after one year, it still has the strong smell and coarse texture that suits fro scrubbing. While was looking around at a small trolley shop selling local beauty products, the salesgirl recommended me a scrub that she brought from indonesia. Only RM20 per pack but it depends on the item itself, different ingredients with different prices.

when i came back, i actually surfed on the internet about the products and it turns out that it is one of the popular brand particularly for scrub.

Ayudya is a type of scrub that u use straight on your body without mixing it with water, just make sure that you body is not wet yet, scrub for a while, wait until it dries and started to fall of from our skin, then washed it off. u can feel the instant smoothness on your skin right away.

coffee scrub with lavender


sesuai utk bakal pengantin:p


Jac E-Store said...

It's available here in malaysia. Visit

Lulur Pengantin Ayudya said...

Hi Shuhada, boleh tak saya link url blog ini in my blog ?

I can give you free Ayudya which ever flavour you like.


shuhada said...

hi, no problem, please do so, thank you for the offer, but currently i'm residing in Canberra, maybe next time ya!!!
but the products are really good!!!